Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drawing in Nature / Workshop in Lumbier

Despite the bad weather forecast, take direction Isaba to teach the workshop. Once launched the plan B due to the weather forecast, a plan C was inevitable due to the risk of being isolated in Isaba later that Thursday night the River Esca would endanger the integrity of a bridge near the town of Burgui. For this reason, we moved the workshop to the town of Lumbier. Despite the persistent rain that did not stop falling for two days, went to the field work and Sunday, we saw the sun and of course, we went back out to the field. I want to thank to my students, Ana, Esther, Lucia and Maria, who adapted to the changes unless their enthusiasm and motivation. To my friend Alfonso Fernández for invaluable help, Joaquin and the Lumbier Town Hall by the facilities so that we could use the Civic Center of this town, Daniel by the great images of the workshop. And of course, my partner of adventures, Julen, without whom this would not have been possible. The motivation and the strength with which waters down the rivers Esca and Irati also no decreased over the weekend.

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