Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New publication

Just published this manual on vultures in Catalonia in which I have worked as a illustrator. The title is Els Voltors a Catalunya / The Vultures in Catalonia, and its authors are Antoni Margalida, Diego Garcia and Joan Bertran. Encloses a large part of what on the biology and ecology of the four necrophagous birds of prey species that inhabit in catalonia is known, as well as interesting information about the needs facing their conservation, these species require. Photographs of 14 authors are interspersed with illustrations of which I am author. It is written in catalan and spanish and includes several useful sheets to determine the age of these birds when looking at them in the field. An interesting work for those who want to know a little better to these beautiful birds as well for those who want to enjoy a good collection of photographs and illustrations on iberian vultures.

In a few days will be on sale at the bookstore Oryx and its selling price to the public will be from 19.50 €.