Monday, May 3, 2010

A very particular rocky

Dawn and the sun shines the rock walls with its warm light. The swifts are flying in the sky wherever you look, in height to probably hundreds of meters, above our heads .. down ... Fill the space with its presence and the unmistakable sound of its calls. Start a new day and the show is served.
This scene could not fail to be spectacular if I were in any of our mountains rocky gorge, but given the peculiarity that I am watching, from a privileged perspective, a "rocky" in the middle of a city. The city is Sevilla and these cliffs are carved and full of history, beauty and of course, it is not exactly a natural rocky but it closely resembles. It is the Cathedral of Sevilla and at least some bird species found no difference.
The reason why last Saturday I was on the roof of the Foro de la Biodiversidad in the early hours of the morning, was other species no less captivating, interesting .. and that in this peculiar rocky can be observed: the Lesser Kestrel.
I was with my colleagues of the Spanish Association of Wildlife Artists, working in a collective project that aims to capture different looks from this species in this beautifull setting and unusual, and whose result will be an exhibition later this year.
We started about 9:00 and finished about 21:00 and I show some of the sketches I got caught up in the paper.

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