Wednesday, May 5, 2010

News: a new Illustration Blog

As you have seen I have made some changes to the look of the blog. I also added this english version. You can access the spanish language version at any time by the tab under the header. I regret not being able to translate the full blog, only the latest entries can be translated. If you want to see previous entries, please visit the full version in spanish language.

But the main news and in which I have been working longer is a new blog about my illustration work. In all these years I've produced a lot of illustrations for many different uses always related with nature. I needed some time to digitize all the material which is now available for sale on this blog: Avestrazos Illustrations and complements the absence of a section dedicated exclusively to my work as illustrator in my web Avestrazos. Avestrazos illustration blog also has an spanish version.

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