Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawing Nature. Sierra Morena

The sun light sifted by the high clouds of a storm that takes all day to watch us from above and that from time to time, open your eyes and let the light of the sun, caresses the green velvet that grows above the ground, sculptures of granite that surround us there where we look, which launched flashes of green in the moss, the red of trunks of cork oaks and the infinite shades of green that mildly vibrate in the background of the grove. Leaves of an old vine entrenched after a Bush and a stone wall, reds and yellows that pass through the air up to us. The time that passes fast without the possibility of retaining it. We talked, we talked with the rocks and trees through drawing. Nice to meet her lady rock, lord cork. Around us Nuthatchs,  Redstarts, Hoopoes, Shiffshaffs, Blackbirds, protagonists of a next meeting perhaps. Next, distant landscape.

Thanks to all, has been a pleasure sharing.

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