Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Acquatica is the title of a musical project, my first musical project. Sound drawings?,... colors in form of musical notes?.

This project takes shape in the form of a small Edition,... self-financing entity and put on sale at the price needed to cover costs. The study Ad Libitum, of the Conservatory professional of music of Huelva Javier Perianes has taken charge of the edition of an almost handmade. Serve this project at least partly to keep alive the illusion with which tackled each new project. From here my thanks.

Each CD is priced at € 6. It contains the small CD booklet and comes sealed with cellophane. If you are interested in a copy, contact me at this e-mail address . I mailed them adding to the price shipping charges.

The relationship of subjects is as follows. For those who is interested in listen to the issues before the CD, can do it in my blog Paisajes sonoros / Soundscapes or by clicking on some of the items on the list.

  1. Echoes (3:30)
  3. Sundance (6:31)
  4. Drop of sad water (6:31)
  5. Welcome (4:33)
  6. Bluecolours (5:18)
  7. Circles (2:50)
  8. You (4:15)
  9. The other side (3:43)
11. Drop in the ocean (9:21)

To listen after I advise the use of headphones, the range of frequencies that can offer a PC speakers tends to be very limited, especially with regard to low frequencies and headphones you will also enjoy of certain acoustic games and sound textures.

Acquática contains music, illusions and the probably hundreds of turns of clock during which I have enjoyed creating it. I hope you enjoy now. Thanks for reading and listening.


La Tragonería. Special gifts.
Luis Montoto, 114. Sevilla

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