Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Master of the Wind

This is the name a few months ago I put to this work to send to the annual contest "Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012´ and in which participated for the second time. Organized by the David Shepherd Foundation carried out conservation projects in Africa, in Asia and in which the participating artists donate a portion of the sale of his works for such projects. With the selected works, organizing an exhibition in the well known Mall Galleries, in London.

Today I have been informed that this watercolor reached the finals, but it was not selected for the exhibition. Even so will form part, along with all the works that reached the final stage of a Folder of Artwork, a kind of catalogue which will be available to the public so long as duration of exposure, good news.

By the way, the Montagu´s harriers carry more than two weeks flying again over the cereal fields.

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