Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of workshop trip ...

Last november 12 ended the First Workshop on Introduction to scientific drawing in which I participated as ... I don´t know the right word. In any case, it was my first experience in this sense, ie, sharing knowledge, experience, feelings about the picture with nature as a backdrop and a source of motivation. I have been fortunate to have a great group of students, diverse and highly motivated, all students, Biology, Fine Arts, Architecture and Agricultural Engineering, and I have to say that the experience has been most interesting and rewarding.

We finished the course in Doñana, where during a morning and part of the afternoon we enjoy and work from life in this unique environment. Trees, landscape, snails, shrubs, branches, dragonflies, birds, clouds, eucalyptus stumps, colleagues, diversity of reasons that many students were coming for the first time in this way.

My thanks to Juan Paco, Mercedes, Cristina, all the students, Juanjo Negro, and the personal of  Doñana Biological Reserve.
Needless to say, with these ingredients I would be happy to repeat the experience.

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