Monday, September 19, 2011

Paper Wings

Here are some images of Paper Wings as it has been mounted. Roberto, responsible of temporal exhibitions and I arrived early for the finishing touches. At 10:00 the exhibition open doors. In the morning, few visitors, weekday, is normal. I spent all day between the exhibition and Salburua, greeting all those who you passed by thear, and spend some hours drawing from one of the observatories. I wanted to make a watercolor done there, and I did a couple of  Northern shoveler was selected with the help of Laura and Bea, in charge of welcoming visitors from ATARIA.

At sunset, the exposure is involved in a game of spectacular light and shadow, due to the orientation and the very architecture of the showroom and the center. In any case is recommended to arrive a little before this time if you want to see the works with the view a little more relaxed, since many works have glass and actually generated many reflexes.

It was a pleasure to be there with some of you. The exposure environment is spectacular, the center itself, and as this overlooks the wetland, to be so close to the city, contains a wealth both in respect to vegetation as interesting fauna. Definitely a highly recommended place to visit and enjoy.

Remember that opening hours are 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00, Monday to Sunday.


  1. Beautiful, I wish Iwas there
    Best wishes

  2. It looks like a very strong exhibition, I'm sure you'll meet with success. The stripy light IS a bit awkward...Your field sketches are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Concetta, you're very kind !. It´s true, really is a space designed not only for art exhibitions, so that the design should take precedence over issues related to a well lit with natural light. Fortunately this only occurs late in the afternoon, .. . Best wishes.