Monday, August 1, 2011


... this morning, my hand and my head agreed, and said .... now .. So what I will end .. the picture is not very good. For weeks, the white background of the medium on which paint, draws my attention and I tend not to cover it with color, even in oil, so that the result resembles a field sketch. This has already happened to me with the last oil I painted before these horses. In addition, last thursday I had to travel to Madrid and took the opportunity to visit with little time, exhibitionof Antonio López and it was very interesting in relation to this issue of  "white background". Later I would create an entry with some impressions about the exhibition of this master and unclassifiable artist, for me at least, though ... who needs to put him and his work in a box?.

Asturian horse. Oil on paper. 70 x 38 cm. 

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