Saturday, July 9, 2011

Child looks, looks winged

In these months I have been fortunate to be gaining some commissioned portraits of children, as I said once, is a subject that I love. I make from photographs with graphite pencil on cardboard Schoeller Durex in a format of  25 x 35 cm. I've also done some of that oil will show you later.

Here I show a portrait of a girl that I'm quite pleased. With her angelic look, it was easy for me. I thank her mother for permission to display the portrait here.

Although children are not exactly the birds, I do believe that through the eyes of a child, he feels something that also has wings, still free spirit, his wisdom, are pure intelligence, wisdom and freedom that will always remain unchanged.


  1. Absolutely sublime!
    You captured precisely the beauty and the innocence of this child!
    To me the children are the most valuable creatures in our world..


  2. Eu cheguei aqui através do blog do Lluís, Pinceladas de Naturaleza.
    Eu fico maravilhada com desenhos bem feitos, desenhos que transmitem delicadeza... como esse... que encanto! Muito, muito mimoso! Que olhos!!!
    Já andei observando a sua arte. Os cavalos estão magníficos.
    Parabéns! Você também é muito talentoso.
    Felicidades e sucesso!
    Beijo carinhoso.