Friday, May 20, 2011


This is the name given to Japanese art of paper or ink floating water, marbled paper, ... which originated in China and Japan between 800 and 1100. As a child, looked at the roles of water and wonder how it was possible to do that. And not so young, when I knew what was the procedure, I was literally speechless, could not believe, for simplicity of the technique and yet the complexity of the result. Even today, when I see one of these marvels made with real expertise, I keep nodding and thinking, ... incredible.

The fact is that yesterday, at last, .. I made my first piece of paper with water, and the outcome is far from the real wonders that can be found in some old printers, but I feel like a child opens a toy has always longed.

Use the following colors: english red, napples yellow reddish and compound green. There are areas which when enlarged, appear images of the surface of the earth ..


  1. a beautiful technique and lovely result. It looks like a slice of precious marble (the english call it "marbling") and I feel it like a sort of writing we could try to decipher...

  2. thank you Concetta, .. I like your feeling, .. I feel it like a water work, the expressión of water, .. Best wishes !