Saturday, December 11, 2010

Digital Ink

These are some of the illustrations that I'm working on now. Almost all are made using digital palette, with almost one could say that I'm debuting. Although I have tried to assimilate as much as possible to the conventional technique, there are nuances that reveal and at the same time are of great use. I mean for example the possibility of drawing with white on black, mimicking the effect of getting in their work in ink masters of this technique as the Englishman Robert Gillmor. In your case, this effect was obtained "grating" with a punch on the areas previously inked. Another advantage of working with digital is that illustrations previously performed manually, can be further enriched by the palette. Personally, there are effects that I find easier to get through the conventional technique, so I felt comfortable combining both in a single composition or even in the same illustration. In short, although the time spent in an illustration is the same as using the conventional technique, or even greater, since the possibility of rectifying takes you to try and find out more before you terminate an illustration, the illustrator's work in I believe greatly in versatility wins.


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