Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last monday we dismantle "Paper Wings." It have been just over two months and around 1600 visitors who have passed through the exhibition. I took several things, maybe some more .. but above all an illusion made real and many good times.

I would like to thank the whole team of Casa de la Ciencia and especially Hector Garrido, Jose A. Sencianes and Fernando Hiraldo for trusting me for this project and for giving me their friendship and companionship. Also Hector, Jose and Manuel for his help in many aspects and logistics of mounting the exhibition. To Ivan Alonso for his help with the media, and Carmina and the entire staff of Foro de la Biodiversidad by make everything more "easy."

Thanks to all those who have gone through the exhibition, both the opening day and subsequent days. To which repeated, those in the last minute, to those who came from afar, and those from here and from there, thanks for looking and not only see, for lending me your eyes because it makes it all makes sense.
A few days after the inauguration, left a blank book that I brought full of feelings, critical words, doubts, good intentions, doodles, some bollocks, ... hearts, a bit of everything .... Thanks to all who have shared your letter with me your feelings ...

It was an honor to share the exhibition space of Foro de la Biodiversidad with the excellent photographer Antonio Camoyán setting out his "Soul of the Landscape".

I want to thank everyone who from afar could´nt come to "Paper wings", but somehow also came close.

To all, my sincere acknowledgement.

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